Painter Essentials for Windows 10


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Painter Essentials is a comprehensive software developed by Corel Corporation, designed for processing different types of digital images. Easy to use, characterized by rich functionality and a clear user interface. With his help, we can paint pictures from scratch or convert existing photos into impressive paintings. We find it almost all the major tools needed to paint different pictures. In addition, the use of the latest technology Smart Stroke, which allows to create and automatically convert the image or sketch drawing. The program also offers quick access to different types of brushes, color palettes and a mixer for mixing colors. Painter Essentials provides a natural-looking motion brush, and a calligraphy and Lithography tools for creating comics or calligraphic effects. There were also opportunities in the charcoal drawing and a built-in video tutorials that will help you draw or modify any of the images on your computer. Painter Essentials is available in the trial version and allows for 60 days of free use.